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This page is sponsored by the Class of 1967 for all graduates and those who are interested in North Georgia College,
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Honors day parade day 2008.
Brigade Band, Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Honorees, Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Drill Platoon stand for Honors Day and Commissioning.
Forty five members of this corps were at the time in Iraq with the 48th BDE of the GA National Guard.
appearing the week of 18 JUNE -- this could be delayedThe ALUMNI OFFICE is being moved to the former BB&T building in DOWNTOWN DAHLONEGA this move should be complete by Wednesday 17 June. Though the National Guard is moving into the ALUMNI HOUSE, the REUNIONS WILL CONTINUE TO BE HELD THERE.
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Scan your old photographs, save them as GIF or JPG files, and do your best to have them sized to eight inches wide at 100 pixels per inch. Depending on detail, as a JPG (pronounced jay-peg) this will size them under 500 Kilobytes. The larger the file, the longer it takes a page to load. Email your images to Gary by clicking the box at the lower right of this text an E-mail form should appear.

The 1967 site has many files much larger than this because I encourage our reader to right click files and save them to your computer should you like ... An example is the panorama set of Dahlonega from Findley RIdge I scanned from the 1906 CYCLOPS. It showed how little Dahlonega had changed in the years between 1906 and the 1960's.
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A description of North Georgia before it was "changed"
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Photos of 2006
Reunion on '67
The remains of the campus we remember: Galliard Hall. Lewis Hall. Sanford Hall. Science Building. Price Memorial. Old Chow Hall and Barnes Hall. Edgar brown Dunlap Hall. In May 2010 Sanford Hall was demolished to make way for a new dining facility. John Douglas has bricks from the building for those who might be interested, and soon there will be a drawing of Sanford as it was when Band Company occupied the building, and every fall quarter, rose to the defense of its Christmas tree.
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NGC REUNION is an “umbrella” site to bring to one place a half generation of North Georgia College alumni and their contemporaries from the 1960's. It was set up by the Class of 1967, "the mid-point" class of that decade which heard the first public utterances from the BOOMER GENERATION. We met them all, coming in contact with those who started at North Georgia in 1961 and as we left, those who started in 1966 to graduate in 1970. This, and the fact that these were years that brought more than change to our alma mater, they brought changes to the nation itself. This site is to enlighten us on these changes and perhaps find an understanding of why they were brought about. For this we chose to make this site large. From the 1961 inauguration of President Kennedy, and his dreams, his failures and his successes: A promise about the Moon. The Bay of Pigs. The Berlin Wall. A Missile Crisis in Cuba. Then came a sunny day in Dallas that brought an end to Camelot.

Soon after an Incident in the Gulf of Tonkin, and the politics of that year, Goldwater vs Johnson. American Advisors in Vietnam were followed by American soldiers some of whom we knew. 1965's "Long Hot Summer," the Six Day War in 1967. The Anti-War movement replaced “sit-ins.” As the mid point of the sixties passed, within a few days were the capture of USS PUEBLO and the TET Offensive. A bad spring, Martin Luther King was murdered and LBJ ended his campaign, and then Bobby Kennedy was shot down. The summer brought Charlie Manson's murderous "family," and a "bridge to nowhere" a year later was in Chappaquiddick. Apollo's 11 and 12 landed on the moon let us raise our heads.

And there was music. The decade was filled with music! From Elvis to WOODSTOCK . . . What a decade! The current President said something about “Change” . . . but we know this: He is too young to understand!

This site is yours courtesy of Bob Danforth '67. It is for and about NGC graduates and those who attended a smaller school with a simpler name in a far less complicated time. The purpose of this site is to nurture our collective memories because we ARE the living history of North Georgia College. The anecdotes, photographs and documents we share tell of a different tradition, a framework where discipline was enforced and our values and expectations were determined by the way we adapted. Success was determined by what we learned outside the classroom as much as what was delivered in a lecture or read in the library. Excuses were not accepted.

We attended NGC as the embers of WWII cooled into what was known as the COLD WAR. We were taught that unless we had a solution in mind, that complaint was wasted energy. The materials and; experiences you share with the photographs you offer will become a virtual library of the NORTH GEORGIA experience where those of us who want to write can verify your facts or find someone who remembers the rest of the story.

You will find this is also a sounding board for your opinion on how the University is being run and where you feel it might be improved. American culture is made by freedom of thought and a spirit of inventiveness. Become a part of the solution in 2010.

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John Terrance Woods, 1st BN Commander, BS Chemistry 1967
Big things often come in small packages. He is
one of our number who will be missed.