I ask each of you who have information on your classmates to send me what you have, starting with just the facts, and should there be photographs or articles, or was our comrade mentioned in a book ... please include this as well.

1- 877 859-9054
Francis McDowell
Larron D. Murphy
Roy L. Murphy
John R. Pearson
Robert L. Phillips
Robert L. Rabb
Robert N. Sauls
Lonnie Smith
Benny T. Stowers
Robert A. Thompson
Robert P. Tidwell
Charles R. Williams
David B. Wood
Earle J. Bemis
Burton R. Blanton
William A. Branch
Welborn A. Callahan, Jr.
Ralph D. Cordell
William C. Elrod
Robert W. Garth, Jr.
Walter M. Gibson
John E. Greene
Richard R. Gwinn
Joseph Hillman, III
William H. Hunt
Charles B. Johnson
Milo P. Johnson
Ronnie Joe Bailey
Helen Benson
COL Jim Albert Brinson
Steve Earl Brinson
James Hoult Causier
William Larry Dunn
Edith C. Eason
Eugene Jackson Floyd
Michael Adair Gorman
Gloria Kay (Harrelson) Anderson
Emma Louise Horton
Rena Matherly
Mayford Iris McClurd
James Rodney McGee
Sybil R. McLemore
Leon F. Mills
James William McPhail
Leonard Howard Smith
Paul Robert Stiemke
LTC James W. Swanner
LTC Roy William Turgeon
Paul Edward Turner
Charles Lanier Vaughn
Terry Woods
There are names in these lists below rolls that are not familiar to many of us as they are people who came back to North Georgia to complete degrees, most though are members who started with our classes and left North Georgia. Details might be added as they come available.
David Leonard Aspinwall
Max Lewis Bennett
Roy Douglas Berry
Horace McKinney Black
Sally Dewar
William Stephens Bowers
John Dixie Branch III
John Emmett Caldwell
Joseph Charles Chastain
Nancy Diane Jenkins
Victoria Ann Parrish
Jane Eleanor Dunphey
John Flournoy
Brenda Cheryl Taylor
Stuart Cobb Garrison
Hannah Holbrook
Ronald Glenn Gorday
William Lawrence Hammock
Frank Conley Haralson, Jr.
William Walton Hardin, Jr.
Kingman Porter Herin
Henry Richard Hester
Ernest Stanley Jarrard
Max D. Lovett, Jr.
Mattie Ruth Hurt
Francis McDowell, Jr.
Frank Hewitt Mims
Roy Linwood Murphy
Clayton W. Peacock
Terrell C. Philyraw
Franklin O. Prince
Mary Ann Puckett
LTC Rembert G. Rollison
Jane Carol Seward
Ronald L. Thompson
Donald W. "Tick" Tompkins
James R. Vance
For those of us who remember and wonder, Why him? Or how? Or for what purpose or lesson? This page is intended to be a reminder a "refeshing" of your visual memory and where possible, provide an explanation.  As much information as can politely be shared with their survivors will be linked to this site.  If at all possible, and if it is available, for those who died abroad, there will be a link to the action and circumstance that frames their sacrifice in historical context.  Visit "The Wall" site.  It has a search by name, by date, and by location.  The photo of The Wall here is from Carey R Mitchell NGC '66.  Please thank him for this awesome contribution by respecting his entitlement to claim copyright, and should you copy the file, do so ONLY with his explicit permission.  The webmaster would like to see this whole list, with a tribute to each filled with more detail than one page can hold.  We lost some great brothers in that war.  Let us never allow the detail of their lives pass as well.                                                                                                                                                                         WLK.
Rhanda Marie Adamson
Michael Clovis Baldwin
William Green Ball
Donna "Debbie" Brooks
Patricia Jaye McCollough
Joe Norton Butt
Walter Murran Gibson
Blanche Mary Duckett
Patsy Ann Grogan
Reba Cloer
Linda Cheryl Jarrett
Harry Hope Hoffman
Norma Christine Howard
Mack Calvin Johnson
John McNeal Lankford
Robert D. Matthews
Lawrence Van Noland
Penny Pennington
COL Thomas M. Reise
Mary Cline
Jerry Mark Songer
Oberia Hopper
Curtis Clecker Williams
Jerry Lamar Wright
Richard Franklin Allison
William Seaborn Ashley
Eugene Barnett Bailey
Mark Brown
Jack (Jackie) Cameron
MAJ Lee DeVault
David McLeod Guyton
Wiley Denver Hall
Marty Hanna
Clyde Gerome Hicks
Fred Carl Jones
CPT Randall L. May
George Chris Richardson
Henry Lamar Pittard
James K. Powers
Dennis G. Raulerson
Marion Elaine Atwood
James Thomas Sexton
James Robert Siler
Mark T. Stevens
James Delbert Turman
Nelle Bryant
Edward Silas Weeks
Dwight V. Whitaker
Wilbur Lewis Willis
Of course, faculty and staff at NGC are mortals as well, and add to that they had a twenty- to forty- year head start on us. The following are those I/we know who have passed on. Should you have more to add to this list, or corrections in spelling or title, or a story to share, please let me know by email or phone: 1 877 859 9054
Dr. Mac Wicht (CPT USNR ret. mathematics.)
Claude Leffingwell (LTC USAF ret. mathematics.)
CPT Moore (USN ret. mathematics)
Jack Carpenter (mathematics)

Ben Sanders (biology)

Desmond Booth (music/education)

Dr. Brown (English)
Mr. Simpson (English)

Miss Sarah Drew (history)

Dr. Simms (chemistry)
Dr. Tom Davis (chemistry)

Retired Professor J C Barnes (mathematics-physics)
Merritt E Hoag, President
Dean Young
Dean Alice Donovan

Mr. Ewell G. Pigg, (physics)

Mr. Newton 'Big Daddy' Oakes (business administration)
Mrs. Ella Ray Oakes -- Registrars Office Price Memorial
Mr. Lorimer Freeman (business administration)

Bob Owens (education/art)

Orville R. Hause (commandant of cadets)

Sarah Wright (school nurse)

Kenneth R. Seabolt (night watchman/campus police)

LTC Hezekia J. Ross USA ( Ret ) P.M.S. 1965-1968

Rew, Leland C. d. Saturday, January 18, 2003
Alecia Arlene Adams Jameson
William Phillip Brooks
Virginia Carol Bruce
Bobby Lane Bryan
Morris Audley Bryan, Jr.
Tommy Mitchum Bryant
David Glen Callaway
Fred Crawford Duncan, Jr.
Wallace W. Durrett
COL Walter Newton Ferguson, III
Madge R. Purcell
Allen Caleb Gattis
Melody Anne Folwell
B Wallace Hood, Jr.
Daisy McCurry
  1. Thomas Jarrard
CDR John Francis Jones
George Dean Lawson
Edward Terrell McClain
Evelyn Athene Berry
Daniel Raymond Spurlin
James Ashe Walden
Mary Diane Jordan

John Flavel Whiten
George Elijah Williams, Jr
Roy D. Williams, II
Sam W. Wilson, Jr.
Wilson Harold Wright
EYEWITNESS to a heroic moment in US Military History:
Gen. McAuliff's "NUTS" read
to Germans demanding the surrender
R. T. Jarrard
Doug Berry
Clicking on the GOLD takes you to a tribute page.
Don Tompkins
Richard Glen Koger has been removed from this list as he has been found alive and well in S Alabama. An hour long phone call ensued with a sharing of memories of our freshman year from one roommate to another from Band Co.

Richard was from Jacksonville FL, and went with BAND COMPANY to the NY World's Fair. He remembers well his partner in crime BOB SWEATT, with whom he spent a week-end at Tommy Jarrard's home in Gainesville when they had dates for a formal dance at Breneau.

He recalls Mrs Jarrard's sensing they were up to no good, and seeing that a BIBLE was on each of their beds waiting for them when they returned.
... the bugle call, that should we have forgotten our evening prayer, became that prayer for an night of undisturbed rest, who's peaceful sound put to sleep at night.

In a more permanent sense, TAPS is played at the burial of a warrior, and became the prayers of those soldiers who supported that warrior, "Rest in peace."

There are from each of our classes, too many for whom TAPS was played in that sense ... and for whom a flag was folded, and reverently handed over to a wife, a child, a mother, or a father ...
Tribute to EARL BEMIS
Jack (Jackie) Cameron
Rembert G Rollison
Don Tompkins
Terry Woods